Should electrician services also change the way they do business?


For electrician services, it has become necessary in today’s time to add service on business listing sites. Earlier, customers used to inquire about electricians by going to the market or asking their friends-relatives. But in reality marketing has changed a lot. Now, when customers need electricians, they directly go to the internet and search ‘Best Electrician Near Me’. Whichever option suits them best on the search result, they contact that to get the service.


On the other hand, electricians have not been able to change their thinking or strategy as fast as the approach of customers has changed. Even today some electricians think that they can grow their business by using the traditional marketing measures. They think that digital marketing is meant for big business. They keep services offline because of their reluctance and discomfort with digital technology. They stay away from effective digital strategies like business listing. They have no idea that this kind of approach towards business can be fatal for their electric services in the end. Keeping electricity services offline instead of online is doing their own harm.Therefore, professional electricians should change their outlook and take advantage of the advanced techniques of marketing.


Why should a professional electrician adopt digital techniques of marketing?


There are many reasons why electricians or electrician services should adopt digital marketing as the most effective digital technique at present. The first and foremost reason is that the customers to whom they provide their services are mostly choosing products or services by using digital devices.


They are also searching for home services through digital devices. 97% of customers find the home services they need online through local searches. They are also using the same channels for electricians or electrical services. You can be a good option for these searchers. You can contact them quickly. For this to happen your electric service should be brought online and it be compatible with digital devices.


In increasing urbanization, the demand for essential home services has also increased. As a result, there has been a lot of competition among electricians to get business. In this situation, a professional electrician can reach fresh customers for his services by adopting digital marketing and latest digital marketing techniques.


Business listing is most effective marketing strategy for electrician services


There are many ways of marketing products and services online. These include various strategies such as paid campaigns, social media marketing, video marketing, email and content marketing. What marketing strategy will work for an electrician’s service? Think and decide on this question based on the concrete needs of your business as an electrician. Here we are putting our side as a suggestion to you.


According to us, a business listing for electrical contractors or electrical companies is the most effective digital marketing strategy. Our reasons for thinking so are,


  • Now people search online for reliable home services. It has become very important for electricians to be visible online. Listing business on business listing websites increases your online visibility.
  • Business listing sites ensure that the services of an electrician are discovered by the right and needy customer.
  • Good listing websites are helpful in reaching niche users on the profile of electrician services.
  • Registering on listing sites increases the chances of an electrician’s profile or website getting top ranking on local searches.
  • The more your profile is displayed on the search result pages when local searches are done, the more your electrical services will expand.
  • Listing websites also help in getting organic leads for electrical services.


After knowing so many benefits of business listing we can say that to make a strong position of electrician services in the market, you must find a professional business listing site. It benefits and strengthens the job of an electrician in many dimensions.


Vyapar Adda is one such online business listing website on which electricians can list their services. Listing a business on Vyapar Adda can prove to be a solid step towards its growth. 

How do an electrician list his services on a business listing site?


Despite some variations, the process of listing a service on most listing sites is more or less the same. After signing up on these sites, there is an option to add business/service. To add electrician services, the following steps have to be followed.

First of all, you have to enter the name of your electrical service. If you work as a freelance electrician, you can also enter your name. The only purpose of this formality is to ensure that by what name the customer or user knows you. In many listing websites, you also get the option to mention your business logo and tagline.

The second important step is to choose the category of business or service.You can choose any of the mentioned categories like Electrician, Electrical Services or Electric for your service. Which you find correct according to your service. Do not skip this step at all. Because on the basis of this, the search engine will show the profile to your niche customer. Your niche customers will also be able to reach you easily by tracing categories.

After this, the other important data that you have to mention on the listing sites is service types. Mention what services you provide to the customers. This is an important section through which it is clear to the users whether the service they need will be available or not. 

Electricians also have to mention the location of their office/shop on their profile. Showing the address and location of the office/shop increases the credibility of your work.


As an electrician, you must also mention the timing of your services. Mention the day on which you do not provide services, so that customers do not face any problem.


You should also try to put photos or images during the services. Seeing these, potential customers get an idea that you are an experienced electrician and do electrical work very efficiently.


Electrical contractors and electrical shop owners etc. should also upload images of their offices and shops to familiarize customers with their work space. They can also make short videos of their products and upload them.


You have listed your electrical services on listing sites. But does your work end there? No. After this, in the second step, you have to make sure that whenever a searcher / user in your area searches for ‘electrician near me’, he/she can see your service. For this to happen, the electrician has to optimize his profile.


Optimize Your Business Listing profile 

Put the latest and correct information about your business on the profile of the listing site. With this, it is convenient to rank in the big search engine, as well as the customers also get the accurate information about your services. The information you need to update correctly on your profile are, 


Business Name

Business address

Contact details

Website URL

Business categories

Business timing 

Business details

Profile images

Business description


Advantage of profile optimization 


When you optimize the profile of your business on the listing websites, then almost 50% of it’s SEO is done indirectly. As a result of which many times your profile starts ranking on the search engines.


An electrician added his service on the business listing sites and optimized the profile as well. His profile also started appearing in local searches. Obviously, with this, customers will also start coming to the profile with their queries. But if the electrician does not respond promptly to those queries, then the business will not grow in spite of all the efforts.


Try to respond to query as quickly as possible


The nature of an electrician’s service is such that you always have to be active.

If the light goes out in a person’s house or there is an electricity related emergency. In this situation he immediately approaches the electrician and wants to get an immediate response.


 For example, let’s take you in a situation. In the scorching summer days of May-June, when AC becomes everyone’s need. At that time the AC plug/switchboard gets damaged due to a short circuit. The family members are suffering from the heat. They go to a well-known business listing website and type in ‘electrician near me’. The website also shows your profile on the result page along with the profiles of many other electricians. Poor family members are calling you to a given contact number and the phone is not picking up from the other end. They are messaging but not getting any reply, then what will they do? They Will definitely take the services of another electrician. They are not in a position to wait for you all day long. Then even if you reply after an hour or two, it will not be of any use. The potential customer who came to your profile must have taken the services of some other service provider by now.


That’s why all calls coming to your listing profile should be answered by the electrician within a very short span of time. This will help a lot in the conversion of the lead.


In this way, new customers can be easily reached by listing electricians services on business listing sites. By doing this, the electrical business can be increased at a fast pace.