Do you have a business? If yes, then you would definitely want your business to grow a lot. 


Business progresses only when more and more people use the products and services made by it. It simply means that there should be more and more customers for your business.

Now just think if no one will know what your business is or what products you make, then how will the customer reach you. Without customers there is no business.


That is why any company or business takes the help of advertisement to make itself known to the customer, to make people aware of its work. Till a few decades ago, print media, electronic media, banner-hoardings and pamphlets were used as the medium for the promotion of business. But the 21st century has brought digital revolution all over the world and in India. 


Now most of our daily work is being done through digital mediums. More than half of India’s population is connected to the digital world with the help of smartphones and 4G services. They are very active in the online space. When most of the customers have started using online platforms for shopping, then all product manufacturers and companies are bound to be active online. In today’s time, you cannot survive without bringing your business, product or services online.


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Now the question arises how to bring your business online? The first and easiest way is to link your business with a business listing website. From this answer, again a question arises: what is business listing and how can one add his business on a business listing website? This article includes the answer to all these questions of yours.


Concept of business listing platforms


Business listing shows all such information related to your business on the search engine, which is necessary for the potential customer to reach you and connect with you.This information includes your business name, address and contact numbers etc. All this information is available on your profile on the business listing platforms, which anyone can see.


Usually business listing are of two types –


  • Free business listing  

On this type of business listing website, you can register your business without paying anything.


  • Paid Business listing 

As the name suggests, you will have to pay some fee for registering your business on this type of business listing websites. It gives you some additional features in the form of review, rating, comment or any other. Using which you can enhance the online presence of your business.


Evolution of business listing platforms  


The mother of every invention is necessity. This statement also applies to business listings.


Before the Internet era, business directories were printed so that the customer could find information about different types of businesses in one place. Just like there used to be a telephone directory.


After the advent of the Internet, all business units or companies started creating their own website. Due to this, there has been a lot of congestion in the space of the Internet, due to which it has become almost impossible for the customers to find the business website they need.


At this stage, the need for such a structure was felt, so that the interested person or customer could easily find the website they needed at a particular place. This need gave birth to the concept of business listing, in which different businesses are saved at one place in data form. The customer can search the business according to his requirement by going to these platforms.

Why are business listings essential for business?


We came to know that without bringing the business online it is difficult for our businesses to grow. But why is it so necessary? Why can’t we expand a business without creating an online presence?


  • Create and Increase the Online Presence


If Your business does not have a website or page. Even then your online presence can be created through business listing platforms.The active participation of customers in your profile on the business listing website will be helpful in increasing your online presence.


  • Locally Visible 

The keywords associated with ‘……near me’ are searched a lot on the Google search engine. If someone needs medicine from a medical shop then he searches on google ‘Medical shop near me’. At that time he did not need a supplier with a big brand name. Taking medicines from nearby medical shops is his priority. You can reach the top of these types of local search keywords with a business listing. In this way your business will become locally visible.

  • Increased brand awareness

With the registration on the business listing website, your brand reaches a large number of customer base. The benefit of which can be seen in the form of increasement in sales. 

  • Strong online reputation 

Good and positive reviews, comments for your business on the profile of business listing platforms create your healthy online reputation.


  • New potential customers 

Every business person  wants to reach customers who may be interested in their products or services. Business listing helps them do this. If your business is registered on a high-domain authority website, then from there you will be able to get a good number of reliable potential customers.


  • Easy access to mobile users


Most business listing websites are mobile friendly. They can be easily accessed from mobile. So you have a chance to make your business information accessible to every pocket.


  • Promotion of business 

Small businesses often do not have enough money to use expensive advertising mediums. Business listing websites are an easy way for them to reach customers without spending a lot of money.


  • Increase engagement of users or customers

There are a large number of users on the business listing website with domain authority. There is also the facility of review and comments on such a website. Because of which customers can get engaged through reviews, comments on your profile.

  • Increase traffic on your website  

If the website of your business is already prepared and there is rich content on it. Its user experience is also good. Then the traffic redirected from the business listing website of high domain authority can increase the traffic of your website. When that traffic lands on your website and spends a good amount of time there, then the authority of your website will automatically increase.


  • Rank top on the first page of big search engines like Google

During registration in business listing, you give all the details of your business properly. Enter the correct name, address, contact number etc. Because of which your business can also come on the top page of big search engines.Google trusts more on those business websites or pages, in which the proper address and pin code are mentioned. It is obvious that if all this happens on your profile too, then Google will show your business on the top of the search page.


How to select business listing website for your business growth


There are many types of business listing platforms available in the online space. Which of these should be chosen for the growth of your business, it becomes a big dilemma. So here we are going to mention the major parameters that you should keep in mind while choosing a business listing platform.


  • Good domain authority 

Before registering on any business listing website, check its domain authority. The more authority the website has, the higher the link-juice you get from the backlinks made on it. Many reputable websites like Ahrefs, Moz and Semrush provide tools to find out the domain authority of a website. With the help of these tools, you can easily find out the domain authority of any website.


  • Non-spammy website

A business listing website, which has irrelevant ads all over the place and strange pop-ups coming again and again may not be a good choice for your business. Users do not stay long on such a website. That’s why you should see very well that the business listing website on which you are going to register should not be spammy. By registering on such a spammy business website, your business will get less profit and more loss.


  •  Do-follow links

To get link-juice from a high ranked domain authority for your website, it is necessary that that website provides a do-follow link.Therefore, before registration, check whether that business listing website provides do-follow link or not.


What is required for a business listing?  

Business name/title – Mention the original name of your business during registration.  

Address – Do not skip the block containing the address while filling the profile during registration. Having an authentic address on your profile builds customer’s trust in your business. Along with this, the correct address of your business also plays a big role in making the local customer reach your shop / products / services.

Local Phone number – Make sure to provide contact number in your business listing profile. Through this number your potential customers can reach you and tell you about their query. Keep in mind that the mobile or phone number which you have mentioned in the profile should be active. If a customer calls on the given number and often hears ‘out of reach’ or ‘out of service’, it has a negative impact on him.

When you do niche-based business listing, other things should be optimized, so that your profile can reach your niche customers easily. These things are :- 

Logo – Logo is the visual identity of the business. To create and strengthen the visual identity of your business or company, you must put a logo while registering on the business listing website.

Tagline – Make the tagline of your business or company smartly. In this, use the keywords wisely which are related to your business so that whenever the potential customer searches for those keywords, your profile comes up on the search engine.

Description – Mention the products/services of your business in the description. Apart from this, also tell about your company in brief.Through the description, a customer starts knowing your business or product. So fill it very carefully.

Categories section – Categories are added to make the listing more organized. This benefits the customer as well as the listed business. The customer can easily find the service he needs and the registered company gets a large number of customers who are particularly interested in its product/services.


Statistics show that almost 50% of the users who searched for local business on mobile went to that shop or store for shopping on the same day or the next day. So you too take advantage of this trend and register your business on the business listing website to bring it under effective keywords like local business.

To expand your reach to the local market, you can create your profile on a reliable business search engine like ‘Vyapar Adda’.

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Future of business listing 


To survive and grow in this time of tremendous competition, registering on a business listing website or platform can be considered as the crucial step for your business. But will it remain as effective a tool in the future? The answer is, yes.

Increasing technology like 5G is going to increase the space of digital activity in the coming times. With the growth of digital space, all activities related to business and sales will also be done online. In such a situation, when your competitors will work with online business strategy, then you should not lag behind it, therefore it is necessary to register your business on Vyapar Adda right now.