Considering the traffic that often takes hours on our cities’ roadways, it appears that India has the biggest traffic jams and congestion in the world. You are completely incorrect. According to World of Statistics, there are several large cities throughout the world with longer traffic jams than Indian cities. World of Statistics has published a list of cities around the world with the worst traffic. This list includes cities such as Lagos, Los Angeles, San Jose, Colombo, Dhaka, Delhi, Sharjah, Kolkata, Guatemala City, and Mumbai.


Bucharest, Romania is the country’s capital and a major transportation hub. The city’s roads are frequently crowded, especially around rush hour. Traffic is particularly heavy here in the morning and evening . People in Romania’s capital spend around 50% extra time owing to traffic bottlenecks, and more than 90% of their time is squandered during morning and evening rush hours. There are two major reasons behind the traffic in Bucharest. One, there is no charge for parking here. Second, much work needs to be done on public transport. 


Istanbul, Turkey, is a big city at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The growth of the city has resulted in a rise in the number of automobiles on the road. Istanbul is listed as the city with the most traffic in all of Europe. Even while the government is taking the required steps to address this, meaningful changes are not obvious. The traffic congestion here has gotten so severe that the residents are suffering significant economic losses as a result. There is an economic loss there, particularly due to the delay in the supply of numerous such regular things. 


Rome, Italy, is the country’s capital and a renowned tourist destination. The small streets and ancient center of the city are not well-suited to contemporary transportation, and traffic congestion is a severe issue. You might view a lot of attractions while driving through medieval Rome — like the Colosseum — but chances are, if you’re even allowed to drive in a given location, it’ll be slow paced. In 2021, commuters in the Eternal City would have missed an estimated 75 hours due to traffic jams. 


Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and one of the world’s most populous cities. The city’s roads are frequently crowded, especially around rush hour. The traffic jam has reached its peak here. The main cause for this is an increase in private vehicles and a decrease in use of public transport. 

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, USA. When Hollywood movies are mentioned, the name of Los Angeles definitely comes to mind. Mumbai is called Mayanagari of India. Similarly, Los Angeles is considered the Mayanagari of America. Outside of movies, Los Angeles is known to have one of the worst traffic cities in the United States. City freeways are often packed with cars and traffic jams can be a daily occurrence.


Lagos, Nigeria, is Africa’s most populated metropolis and is notorious for its terrible traffic. The city’s streets are frequently congested by cars, buses, and motorcyclists, and traffic backups sometimes linger for hours. 


Colombo is Sri Lanka’s commercial center and home to a diverse range of enterprises and sectors. As a result, the number of vehicles on the road has increased, contributing to traffic congestion. 


Dhaka, is the capital of Bangladesh and one of the world’s most densely populated cities. This, combined with the city’s inadequate public transit system, has resulted in significant traffic congestion. 


Paris is the capital of France. It is a popular and historic center that is not well-suited to modern traffic, with traffic congestion being a serious issue. Traffic has long been a concern in the city, which has many tiny and cobblestone streets in the center


Bangalore is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka and one of the country’s fastest-growing cities. The streets of the city are frequently clogged, especially during rush hour.