Do you run a Beauty & Hair Salon?


Does the beauty and hair care industry fascinate you and you want to get into this business?


Then this article is for you. 


In this article, we are going to talk about how search engines play an important role in establishing and growing your Beauty & Hair Salon business. We will also talk about how Vyapar Adda, which is a business search engine, makes the newly started business of Beauty & Hair Salon financially profitable. Along with this, we will also tell you how you can be active on the platform of Vyapar Adda to take a big leap of success.


The business scenario has completely changed. New types of business cannot be done with old tools. This is the reason why most of the ventures that start in the beauty industry in large numbers get closed within the initial 2-3 years. To do business today, along with money, enthusiasm and passion, digital awareness is also required.


Many technologies like online reach to the customer, online order, online consultation, online payment and AI have made the beauty and hair salon business more capable, efficient and faster. If you do not align your beauty and hair salon according to these technological changes, then you will be left far behind the times.


Keeping your business offline is a suicidal step. The simplest and easiest way to get your beauty and hair salon online is by adding it to business search engines. 


Changing pattern of market 


Gone are those days when we had to go to the store to buy beauty products. Had to go to the parlor to make a booking for a haircut, facial etc. At that time the customer had no option but to walk across to the store or parlor. Because the presence of these businesses used to be only physical.


Today everything has changed like magic. You will get basic services online like parlor, cosmetic store timing, booking and consultation etc. Staying in the comfort zone of your home, you can know the details of the beauty and hair salon running near your home from mobile. That magic is the digital revolution. Which has changed the entire structure of the beauty and hair care business.


In the time of our forefathers and their forefathers, there was a very traditional way of doing market and shopping. Daily purchases were made from the neighborhood market and special items were purchased from fairs or by going to a big city. After some time, even in small cities and towns, metropolitan-style markets started appearing.


During the 90s, there was a qualitative change in the market and shopping pattern. When a large middle class became active as a consumer after globalization. We started going to the mall to do marketing. Online shopping also gained momentum. Started buying food from Swiggy, Zomato and clothes from Amazon, Myntra. Beauty and hair salons were also adapting themselves according to mall and online culture when the Corona pandemic hit.


Impact of corona pandemic on Beauty & Hair Salon


When the lockdown started in the Corona pandemic, non-essential works were first stopped. In which beauty and hair salons also used to come. The entire beauty sector has slowed down. The first and deepest hit of the Corona epidemic fell on this sector. So many beauty retail shops and salons have been closed forever. Even after the lock down opened, the customers hesitated to come to the salon. The reason is that the corona virus kept coming from time to time with different mutations. The customers were very careful, they used to go out of the house for very important work, not for spa or massage.

But the way the market worked, changed to a great extent in these two years of the Corona period. Every cloud has a silver lining. The crisis of Corona boosted the digitalization of business activity. People have developed the habit of online activities, shopping etc.


Beauty and hair salons also changed themselves according to the demand of the customers. They started providing nail art, spa, pedicure, manicure etc. facilities at home on booking.


Giant beauty brands had already created their strong brand value online even before Corona and were taking maximum advantage of digitization. But after Corona, small and medium sized salons, understanding the demand of the time, moved towards bringing their business online. They have understood that by staying online in some form or the other, only then will they be able to satisfy the changing mood of the customer.



Some Benefits of Business Listing for Beauty & Hair Salon 

Maximum reach and Increased brand awareness 


Competition is very sharp in the business of beauty and hair salon. Once a place is created in this field, there is a lot of success. But at the initial stage, it is not easy for any new beauty and hair salon to get new clients in the presence of big beauty brands and already established players in the field. Even the customers are not able to trust the newly started salons. In this situation, maximum reach strategy should be worked for the new beauty and hair salon owner. The more people your business information reaches, the more your brand image will be built.

Online business listings have the power to multiply the number of people your beauty salon has the potential to reach through word of mouth publicity and pamphlet circulation. The happening world of business listing connects your business to the ocean of online active users within a few days. You can add your beauty or hair salon to multiple business listing websites at once. Many users are already connected on those platforms. In this way, the name, work and logo of your beauty and hair salon starts reaching the active consumer section. Those people slowly start getting familiar with your brand.

Niche based new potential customers

In traditional marketing, to whom the advertisement is reaching, who is watching it, it is not known. Owners used to get hoardings installed in the market or distribute pamphlets etc. for the promotion of their beauty and hair salons. With digital marketing, the way of advertising has also changed. 

Business search engines categorize all the businesses that are registered with them. It means that those who provide education related services are divided into one category, medical related business and services in one category, real estate services in one category, similarly all businesses are divided into different categories. 

Now if a customer wants to get his hair trimmed, he can contact any hair care salon registered in the hair care section by going to the category like beauty and personal care. The beauty and hair care salon business owner should understand this in such a way, the customer reaching to their profile is purely of their niche. That customer only needs hair care service, only then he/she has come to your profile. A customer with such high intent can be called a potential customer. Customers who reach your profile on the Business Search page are more likely to visit your salon.

In this way, the platforms of business listing play a positive role in bringing niche customers to beauty and hair care salons.

Increase traffic and engagement, top ranking on the search engine result page  

Every business owner active in the beauty industry is trying to catch up with today’s trends. He is giving great importance to digitalization in the fast changing times and to match the rhythm with the customers. You can search online and see. The most viewed videos on Instagram and YouTube are in the fashion and beauty niche. Meaning that the user takes a lot of interest in your niche. It is relatively easy for beauty and hair salons to increase engagement on their website and social media profiles. But this will happen only when your salon has a website.

Even if you do not know how to make a website, your salon can become a strong online presence through business listing websites. These business listing websites send traffic to your profile or website, which increases user visits to your profile or page with your beauty and hair salon. If the user experience of your page is good then definitely the user’s spent time will also increase. All this will give a good signal to Google about your beauty and hair salon. As a result, your profile can come on top of the search page of Google and other search engines.


Locally Visible 

It is no hidden fact that online users do most of their queries with keywords ending with the phrase ‘……near me’. The clear intent of this keyboard is that the user is searching for local businesses and services. Don’t want your salon to be the first on the search page when a user types the keywords ‘best beauty salon near me’ or ‘best hair salon near me’? Business listing websites focus a lot on such local searches. Your presence on these platforms gives your business good exposure on the local searched keywords.


Easy access to mobile users


Google and other giant search engines are giving great importance to the mobile-friendliness feature in their algorithm while ranking any app, website or page. The reason is simple, 90% of users are accessing online content from mobile devices. If the user’s experience is not good, then he will go to the bonus bank from that page. This tendency can be fatal for the business of search engines like Google. That’s why it is almost mandatory that the website or webpage etc. should be aligned according to the mobile device.

You have just entered into business. If you do not have much idea of a website or Google’s working, then it is better to connect with a business listing website rather than making a half-baked website. These all business listing websites are mobile friendly.

Solid online presence 

Such beauty and hair salon owners, who started their business only a short time ago. They have invested most of their capital in establishing the salon. Even if they want to, they aren’t able to do TV or newspaper publicity with a huge budget .

In the new digital era of marketing, you can do a lot of publicity without a heavy amount. All you have to do is bring your beauty and hair salon online. There can be many ways to bring your business online, such as creating a website, being active on social media, or registering on a business listing website. 

If you have just started your business and are not in a position to hire a professional for a website or social media. You can adopt the easiest way to bring your beauty and hair salon online. That is getting the business listing done. Many business listing websites will be found online where you can add your salon for free or with a nominal fee.


In the end..

Now you know, adding your beauty and hair salon to business listing platforms can benefit your business, especially a new salon. It provides fresh and authentic leads and potential customers to your business. Increases the reach of your salon in the local market. At the beginning of the business, if you work on the online presence and reputation of your brand for a few years, then it becomes an asset of your business forever. Then what is the delay and what time to wait, you should immediately list your beauty and hair salon on the local search engine to give immense potential to your business to grow. 

Vyapar Adda cares more for new and startup businesses. Because they have yet to plant their roots in the harsh land of business. We know that it is a goal with so much effort, so much tension and so much hard work. Vyapaar Adda is with you in achieving this goal.If you are facing any dilemma or problem regarding listing the business, you can contact Vyapar Adda.