Are you an astrologer or vastu consultant? Don’t you want more customers to come to know their future and get their homes Vastu done? Naturally, you want to. Whoever is engaged in some work, wants to progress in it, wants to expand it.


Like all the businesses are making their online presence strong and reaching the customers. In this way, they are continuously increasing their business. Similarly an Astrologer and Vastu services provider can also expand their business. All they have to do is bring their business online.


Gone are the days when people used to open a shop, sit and wait for the customers. Now time has changed. Seller or service provider has to reach their customer. You can call it an aggressive marketing strategy, but it has become very necessary in the era of sharp competitions.


We are well aware of the fact that nowadays all the services are available online. The user also wants all the facilities on his phone. Online active presence will make your business reach a very large group as soon as possible. For an Astrologer and Vastu Consultant, the easiest way to bring their services online is registering on a business listing website.


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By doing business listing, you will see that in a very short time the ranking of your website or page has started increasing. You have been able to reach the target audience at great speed. Addressing those customer queries in a quality manner will give you mouth publicity. The result of which will come in the form of a new group of new customers. In this way you can write a new story of progress in a short time.



The knowledge that predicts the future with the help of stars and planets.

Astrology is a complex stream of knowledge. Which has been developed by combining thousands of years of theoretical and experience generated knowledge.

Astrology is practiced in different cultures around the world. Many cultures such as Hinduism, Islam and Judaism still use astrology to determine their important festivals. Astrology, which is practiced in the Indian subcontinent, is known by other names like Jyotish Shastra, Indian Astrology, Hindu Astrology or Vedic Astrology.

‘Jyotish shatra’ is a part of the traditional Indian knowledge system. The literal meaning of the word ‘Jyotish’ is Light. That’s why the luminous heavenly bodies like the sun, the moon, and stars are called Jyotish. The study of the position, movement and effects of these planetary constellations is ‘Jyotish shatra’. In english It is known as Astrology. The word astrology is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘Astrologia’. It means study of stars. 

Indian astrology believes that whatever a person does or whatever decision/choice he makes in life, he does it under the influence of stars and planets. That means there is a direct relation between heavenly bodies and karma of human beings. In this way they influence the course of our lives. An astrologer can tell a person that actions performed were affected by which positions of the planets.

According to the Vedas, the actions of a man are related to the position of the stars and planets. Its simple meaning can be derived that by understanding the position of planets and stars, the actions of a human being can also be understood and known.

You can say that astrology is a tool through which mankind can look into the future. On the basis of astrology guidance can be given to those people who are confused, troubled in their life and unable to understand anything.

What is the job of an astrologer?

People go to astrologers when they are not able to solve the problems of their life. They want to know whether any strings of their problems are related to planets and constellations? If yes, what can they do to make stars and planets favorable.

An astrologer first asks about your query. Then asks you about your birthday, place of birth and time of birth. Based on the information provided by you, he calculates the position of planets and constellations at the time of your birth. Explores the effects of that positioning of planets and stars. After that he derives a conclusion regarding your query. 

People bring many types of queries to the astrologer. Most of which are related to marriage, children, job, business, new house and relationships. Many astrologers predict various events happening in India and abroad according to their astro knowledge. Like whether a particular leader will win the election or not, which government will be formed etc.

Advantage of business listing for astrologers 

  • In order to bring a lot of success in their astrology services in less time and less effort, astrologers must register on the business listing.
  • The biggest challenge in front of any business or service provider is leads. Although there are many such channels in the market, which will give you a lot of leads at a cheap rate. But soon you will find that most of those leads are of no use. But if you join Business Adda or any business listing website with high domain authority, then from there you will get authentic and trusted leads. There is a lot of possibility of conversion in these leads.
  • Today’s user wants to see their horoscope on mobile. They feel that without disturbing routine, they can get to know the forecast of the coming week and month on their mobile. This means that most of the users want astrology services on mobile. Let us tell you that most of the business listing websites at this time are mobile friendly. Therefore, by listing here, you reach the mobile using customers.
  • Many business listing websites allow their registered members to create events on the website itself. For example, suppose that you conduct a seminar on a subject related to astrology. In this case Vyapar Adda lets you create events on the website for such seminars. The notification of this event will automatically reach the user base of Vyapar Adda.

The Knowledge that brings happiness and prosperity by creating balance of natural energies in the space of homes/offices.

You must have often heard people saying that there is no positive feeling in this house or office or the mind becomes restless after coming here. Whereas in some places one feels like going again and again, because it is good to be there. It’s nice to spend time there.

Have you ever thought about why this happens? What is that element due to which a house made of brick and stone gives a lot of comfort, whereas many houses give trouble.This happens because of the active natural energy there. 

The places where there is a proper presence of cosmic energies, the human mind feels good. Where there is a lack of these, those places seem wretched to us. That is why it is said that ventilation should be taken care of in homes and other buildings. In a house where ventilation is taken care of, the movement of life-giving air continues boundlessly. Air is also a form of natural energy.

So, while building a house, how to ensure that after the construction of the house, it has a positive feel, and the people living there remain healthy and happy?

The answer is, it can be ensured by Vastu.

Vastu is a Sanskrit word which means architecture. Thus the meaning of Vastu Shastra is ‘Science of architecture.’ Under this many types of architectural design ideas like space, measurement, layout etc. comes. By using these ideas, the right balance of natural energy is maintained in the house. 

What is the job of a vastu consultant ?

According to the ancient Indian knowledge tradition, the entire universe is made up of five elements. These five basic elements are – earth, fire, water, air and space. Vastu Shastra designs a place keeping in mind these five elements as well as the magnetic and gravitational energies of the universe. Vastu tries to attract cosmic energy to the home or office, so that the environment there remains healthy and positive.

Vastu consultants ensure the presence of all these natural energies in a balanced amount inside the building through their design.

The desired result is obtained only when these five elements are established in the ideal direction. Water should be kept in the northeast, fire should be in the southeast, earth should be in the southeast,  and space should be in the center according to Vastu.

There is sufficient presence of sunlight and air in a Vastu compliant house, due to which good vibes are maintained inside the house. 

In Vastu, the colors, designs, materials and textures used inside the house are also taken care of closely. Because of which the inside of the house feels extremely soothing.

Vastu brings peace and satisfaction to your home. Due to this, your spiritual health also remains good.

Vastu Consultants can provide their services to the client right from the time of construction of the house. Vastu can be optimized from the first day. But if your house has been built for many years or you live on rent. Even then you can take the service of a vastu consultant. He will make your house perfect by changing the location of your household items and even by altering the structure of the house a little. After which positive energy will spread in both your home and life.

Advantage of business listing for vastu consultant 

  • Business listing is beneficial for all types of businesses. Especially for small units of Services. They do not have the means to run advertisements on a large scale. In such a situation, by joining the business listing website, their service automatically reaches the larger client base. Registration on the business listing website will also be profitable for Vastu Consult, there is no doubt about it.
  • To take your Vastu consultancy service to the next level, bring it online. As it is necessary for all types of business, similarly it is very important for Vastu Consultancy to have its online presence.
  • If you are a Vastu Consultant, register your services on a quality business listing website like Vyapar Adda. By doing this, your service will reach a new level of success with very little effort.
  • You can quickly reach those potential customers who have to get vastu done for their home, office, shop or any other kind of building.
  • Your presence on Vyapar Adda or other business listing platforms is also helpful in bringing traffic to your website or webpage and then getting high ranking on the basis of that.
  • Today even big companies like Google and Facebook have started giving a lot of importance to local business. The reason is that when the user is in need of a service, he mostly searches for it around him. By listing your business, you will become more visible on Local level. So that the number of clients can increase.
  • You can get authentic leads, who are actually willing to do vastu of their homes or offices.
  • Business listing platforms offer membership packages. Many extra features are added with these offers. With the help of these features you can improve your service. For example, Vyapar Adda (A Business Search Engine) provides you a website for a year, along with lifetime premium membership.

So you have seen that in the new times, the methods of marketing Astrology and Vastu Consultancy have changed. If you keep going on the old pattern then it is very possible that you will be left behind. In an age of tough competition, equip your business with all the advanced strategies available in the online world. Register your Astrologer & Vastu Consultancy services immediately in the business listing search engine.

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