For the last few months, a new sensation has arisen in the field of technology. Right now the Internet world is very obsessed with this technology and it remains the most talked about topic online. By now you must have understood what technology we are talking about ? Yes, it is Chat GTP.


You must have heard about it too. Some people have even used it. But most of the people only know that something like Chat GPT has come which will replace the giant search engines like Google in the near future. Is this really going to happen? Will this chat bot prove to be revolutionary technology that will change our lives? Let’s know.


What is ChatGPT that is being talked about so much?


Chat GPT is a chat bot. But it is quite advanced and different from chatbots like Alexa and Siri. It understands the question asked and prepares such answers that you will feel that some person has replied.


In other words, when you interact with other chat bots, you feel that it is a machine. While this chat bot is a sophisticated machine bot to such an extent that it gives us the impression of interacting with a human being through its responses.


This conversational AI was launched on 30 November 2022 and its full form is Chat Generative Pretrained Transformer. ChatGPT is a large language model chatbot. Large language models have the ability to predict the next word in a large series of words. This is the reason why these latest chatbots based on the LLM model are incredibly capable of talking to humans like them.


How does it give such quick and accurate answers?


It is being said about gpt chatbot that it is the lamp of Aladdin. This latest Chat bot is capable of doing everything. By becoming a poet, it is also writing poetry for you and by becoming a software engineer, it is also coding. One can ask questions related to  History, Economics, Art, Literature, Science, Politics or any subject to chat bot. It gives answers within seconds in long text format. 


How does this magic happen?


The chatbot completes the most difficult questions or tasks in a jiffy. Chat GPT does this because it has been trained to use text databases from the web space. It has been enriched with 570 GB of data available on the Internet. This data includes books, webtext, Wikipedia, articles and many more. To provide accuracy to the facts of  gpt chatbot, it has been equipped with 300 billion words.


It is designed to learn automatically from human feedback, which is called Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF). With the help of RLHF, it develops the ability to follow directions and generate responses.


In what works can Chat GPT help us? 

There is a different kind of buzz in the tech community regarding  gpt chatbot. They have their own hopes and apprehensions about technology and the future. But it is interesting to see what common people are using it for. On the pretext of this, we can also know what role this conversational AI bot is playing in day-to-day life.

  • It writes a great essay on any topic in the blink of an eye.
  • It takes no time to prepare a resume and cover letter.
  • You can chat with this bot. This is a good Chat Companion.
  • If you need to prepare for a job interview, it can do that too.
  • It can do coding and is also capable of solving your coding related problems.
  • If you often get entangled in math then this bot can solve difficult sums for you.
  • It can explain complex topics in such a way that you do not have any difficulty in understanding.
  • It can write poems, stories, novels and also can suggest creative ideas.
  • It can give you personalized, relationship related advice.
  • It can also write official mail, social media post captions etc.


Who has created this wonderful ChatGPT ?

In the city of San Francisco, America, there is a company working intensively on artificial intelligence, which is OpenAI. This company has created Chat GPT. OpenAI is known worldwide for DALL E. It is a deep-learning model that generates images from text instructions.

The CEO of OpenAI is Sam Altman. He co-founded the independent research body OpenAI in 2015 with Tesla owner Elon Musk. At that time, the purpose of OpenAI was said to be to advance digital intelligence in such a way that humanity could benefit the most. In February 2018, Musk resigned from the company’s board and remains the only donor. Since 2019, Microsoft has invested hugely in OpenAI.

Qualities that make it special


  • You made a query. This conversational ai bot replied immediately. But if you are not able to satisfy the answer of  gpt chatbot, then it can give you different answers.


  • This conversational ai bot can answer ‘follow-up questions’ 


  • It admits its mistakes and challenges misconceptions


  • It is designed to respond to any type of queries. Along with this, it has also been equipped with the ability to reject violent, provocative and harmful questions.


  • It not only uses vocabulary and information, but also understands words in their correct context.


Room for improvement


Nothing is perfect, this also applies to technology. ChatGPT also has few limitations.


  • Many times biased information can be found on gpt chatbot. This is because no matter how fine this chat bot is, ultimately it works on the basis of AI data only. AI data is fed into its system by a person. It is quite possible that that person’s bias or biased approach may reflect in the results of ChatGPT.


  • Sometimes it may give wrong or non-sense answers.


  • In many cases, it has been found that despite being grammatically and factually accurate, there are subtext or context missing in its answer.


  • The training of ChatGPT ended in 2021. That’s why there is information feed in its system only till then. If you want information about any event that happened after 2021, then gpt chatbot is not able to give it.

In what ways is it different from Google Search?

Whenever something is searched on Google, it shows many links available on the internet related to the searched topic on the search result page. To get the appropriate solution, the person will have to open those links.

Whenever a query is submitted on this conversational ai bot, it first understands that query. Then on the basis of the information available on the Internet generates and displays its answer. It does not share the link to the user, but generates answers by processing the data available within the innumerable links and extracting the relevant facts from it.

Is there a fee for ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has been available to users since November 2022. The use of this chatbot is free as it is currently running in “research preview” time. It is currently open for user trial. Feedback from them will give it an opportunity to respond to questions and correct its mistakes. But the CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, has given a hint that it should be monetized soon. Then after paying some fee you will be able to use gpt chatbot.

How to access ChatGPT?

To get your work done with this magical tool of Open AI, ChatGPT, first you have to fill some basic formalities.

Currently,  gpt chatbot is open to all users in beta form. To access it you must first go to Where ‘Try’ will appear on the open window. After clicking on it a new sign-up page will open. Create a password by entering your email ID here. When the password is created, you have to log in once again. On the next step, a flash board will appear, in which ChatGPT will be written and there will be an option of New Chat next to it. Now you can ask any question or give instructions for any task on gpt chatbot.

Is ChatGPT a big threat to Google?

Many veterans of the IT sector around the world have been apprehensive that  gpt chatbot may make Google unusable in the next two years. They say that this latest technology of chatbot will end the need for search engines. You must have also seen much such news in TV, newspapers, in which ChatGPT is being described as a killer tool for Google. 

Google’s business is very strong and deep rooted

Nothing can be said with certainty about the lethal effect of this conversational ai bot on Google’s existence.

Even today, about 8.5 billion things are being searched on Google every day. About 99 thousand searches are being done every second. On an average, a person searches something on Google 3 or 4 times every day. These figures show how deeply rooted Google’s business is. It will not collapse on mere apprehension. Anyway,  gpt chatbot is still a very new tool. It definitely has infinite possibilities for the future, but at present it is also surrounded by some limitations.


ChatGPT replies to any query in long text format. Whereas in all the studies done in the last few years, it has been found that the most consumed content by the users is video, followed by images and then text. Consumers who are used to watching content in video format in an entertaining manner, how can they limit themselves to text format only?

Google gives the user many options on one query. These include articles, website links, news, photos and videos. This conversational ai bot is not giving so many options to the users.


Anything can happen in the future, but it’s too early to say that ChatGPT will destroy Google’s empire.