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30-point Inspection

The 30-point inspection that Vyapaar Adda uses includes history, complaints, reviews, ratings, reputation, satisfaction, trust and cost etc. If you're looking for a comprehensive list of our 30-point inspections, the list below will give you a good idea. Some elements may not be suitable for all businesses.


1. Experience

Based on years of great experience, they are masters in their profession.

2. Ownership Details

To find out whether the company is family-owned, a partnership, a sole proprietorship, LLC, or a corporation, as well as its history.


3. Specific Services

The accuracy with which the company's services are provided in relation to their basic industry.

4. Unique Features

Complementary services provided by businesses to their clients as a gesture of goodwill. For example, for professionals, it may provide a free case study, case review, and so on.


5. Business related Images

Images that are unique and authentic, allowing customers to learn about the company before using services.

6. Fake Pictures

This includes photographs that have been transformed, animated, or are irrelevant.

7. Proof of Ownership

Documents that prove ownership validity like images of the license, permission, or any other.

Operating Hours

8. Working Hours

The number of operating hours in a day that benefit customers.

Social Media

9. Presence on Social Media

Verifying a company's official pages on all social media sites.

10. Maintenance of Social Media Page

Keeping all of their social media sites up to date regularly.

11. Numbers of followers

Businesses with the highest followers/following ratios have a strong reputation among the public.


12. Complete Information

Complete and extensive information about the business is available on their official website.

13. Online Conversation

Having a website that is integrated with chatbots or live chat to connect with clients and respond to their questions as soon as possible.

14. Online Consultation

Customers can book meetings with the company or professionals online through their official website.

15. Logo

Having a customized, legitimate, creative, and one-of-a-kind business logo.

16. Contact Information

Providing correct contact information such as address, phone number, and email address.

16. Copyright and Licencing

Annual copyright updates and the appropriate maintenance of a valid license.


18. Awards History/Achivement

The number of awards and titles a company has received in a row over the years.


19. Vyapaar Adda Complaints

Complaints regarding the business received by Vyapaar Adda.

20. Owner's Reaction

The owner's response to complaints from Vyapaar Adda and other review sites.

21. Fake Complaints

Vyapaar Adda verifies the legitimacy of the complaint and eliminates the bogus ones.

22. Legal cases

Ongoing cases or lawsuits filed against the company or its employees.


23. Valid Ratings

We investigate the truthfulness of the consumer reviews and ratings.

24. Current Assessment

Current assessment requires the study of recent reviews, which indicate that customers are actively using the business's services.

25. Responsiveness

How frequently the owner responds to both positive and negative customer evaluations and feedback.

26. Negative Feedback

Businesses having a significant number of negative ratings will not be considered for our listing platform.


27. Price Comparison

A business that charges reasonable costs for its services.

28. Proximity to a location

The office should be situated in the service area.

29. Specialization

The distinctive service for which the company is well-known.

30. Several Branches

Businesses with many locations in and around their service region.

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